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About the Project

Live in the park

Live in a private estate, consisting of only two buildings, connected by one underground garage and a spacious outdoor car park. You will find 1,2,3,4 and 5-room apartments with an area from 25 to 110 m2.

The buildings will have different heights and will be additionally distinguished by diagonal divisions on the facade. A dedicated gate to the park will be created right behind the buildings. The organic colors of the façade will make the buildings blend in with the greenery of the park.

In building A, there will also be a parking lot on the ground floor, and the apartments will start from the 1st floor. In building B, the ground floor will have a mixed character. Flats with gardens will be located on the side of the park, and garages on the west side. Apartments located in a cascade arrangement on the top floors will be accompanied by spacious terraces.

From the apartments located on the west side you will be able to admire the panorama of the city and the nineteenth-century buildings of the neighboring Księży Młyn.

Safety first and foremost

Safety of construction works, both on the site and around it, is the overriding principle of Mermaid Capital. For the company, it is extremely important to observe both the health and safety rules relating directly to those working on the construction site, as well as people staying in the vicinity of the construction site and the nature surrounding the investment. Construction works at this stage will require the continued use of cranes, which will entail a temporary exclusion from a small part of the 13-hectare park. The company will ensure that this exclusion period will be as short as possible and that no elements of the park will be affected.

Private access to nature

High attention to detail in designing, by the experienced Lodz architectural studio KIWIARCHITECTURA of the "Nad Jasieniem" housing estate, will ensure optimal functionality of each apartment and allow for the creation of a unique, organic architectural design enabling the buildings to blend into a 13-hectare Park.

It will be an ideal place for you and your loved ones to walk the dogs, engage in mystery outings with the youngest, or practice outdoor sports. The direct exit to the park, situated between the buildings, will eanble your children to use it safely, without having to use Tymienieckiego Street.

Beauty all year round

"Park nad Jasieniem" in which you will live was established in 1964. In it you will find ancient oaks in the northern and western part, creating a special microclimate around you, large specimens of Polish larch with, in one case, suspended nesting boxes. In spring, you will be delighted with the blooming violets in the Park; in autumn you will find forest mushrooms under the oaks. The park is a refuge for many species of song birds, whose sounds you will enjoy every day, including nightingale, jay, finch, blue tit, great tit, blackbird, field bass, pheasant and many others.

The Nad Jasieniem investment

Putting into use

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