GDPR - Nad Jasieniem
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1. I agree (-y) the oiling of my (our) personal data (“data”) by the Mermaid Invest Invest Dispute with limited relevant limited partnership with the headquarters of Warzawi, ul. Płomyka 41, 02-490 Warsaw (“Driver”) for:
A) conducting negotiations regarding the acquisition of the klzezes of us residential/commercial premises (“premises”), built as part of the investment “Nad Jasień” (“Investment”),
b) marketing of activities conducted by a dispute, including this transmission of marketing information OY implemented development projects.

In addition, I have (mother) to drill that the pronounced data will also be Prnierzary for the following purposes:
c) the conclusion and performance of the contract regarding the purchase of the premises of us,
d) building and selling the premises as part of the investment, including the Company’s performance of liabilities in relation to the bank financing the implementation of the investment described above in the scope including the transfer of information about buyers of premises and reporting on the course of the sales process of premises, and
mediating in obtaining a loan to finance the purchase of the premises by us (provided that we express interest in obtaining such a service from the company), including the company’s transfer of our personal data to financial intermediaries who will be responsible for conducting matters related to obtaining a loan, i.e. [___________]
Providing data is voluntary. The basis for data processing is Maja (our) consent in relation to the targets, which is referred to in point 1 lit. a) and b) above. In addition, the basis for data processing may also include: the Company’s need to perform an agreement regarding the sale of the premises or taking action at our request before the conclusion of the contract, the need to fulfill the legal obligation on the company; Take a swim resulting from the shrimp of justified Inesow implemented by the spat, such as Jakyl will respond to our letters, conclusions, the conclusion of the contract and will realize Prraw and Obinązkós from it, WNYYSYY, WSZYCH.

2. The lack of consent to the PZETWANIA DANOCH would unimozenal the achievement of the targets indicated in point 1 above, including the conclusion of an agreement on the premises.

3. Data recipients can be:
a) Syrena Capital sp. Zoological garden. With its registered office in Warsaw, a deposit of the foster investor in the process of building and terminating premises, or another dispute that would be sure of this function,
b) Bank financing the investment revision,
c) MMG Finance sp. Zoological garden. Leading the bid of accounting disputes, or another dispute, which would perform this function,
d) entities dealing with IT as a disputes,
e) relativity, including notaries, a niga dispute or participating in the process of concluding UM, sew plugka,
f) entity or organizations entitled on the basis of legal provisions
g) loans and sucks climbing with a dispute in connection with the financing of the purchase of premises

4. I confuse that I will have (-am) to be oinefemian (-a) that:
a) I have the right to withdraw consent to data prnivting at any time, and withdrawal of Zgooda does not affect compliance with data progress
B) Personal data will be processed on the basis of Ugielona PZZE Mi (us) consent until it is released by lut objections as to the processing. Data, which processing occurs on a different basis than the consent, will be processed by the day of the last day of the last of the castles of the loans of the (NAS) and mine) Dzczunzuns.
c) I have the right to request from the Administrator access to my (our) personal data, rectify them, delete or limit processing, opposition as to processing, about the right to transfer data, if it is used, as well as the right to submit Complaints to the supervisory authority.