About the developer - Nad Jasieniem
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About the developer

We have been operating in the office and residential real estate market since 1999. To date, we have successfully completed [six] projects on the Łódź and Warsaw markets:
- we have built modern office complexes - Cross Point in Łódź and Libra Business Center in Warsaw,
- we have also built housing estates - River House in Warsaw, Osiedle Aleksandria in Aleksandrów Łódzki, and Osiedle Tatrzańska in Łódź.

A team of specialists

A comprehensive service is possible thanks to the coordinated work of our carefully selected team of specialists in such areas as: financial analysis, evaluation of investment projects, project management, environmental impact, engineering, law, sales and marketing.

Construction supervision

Construction supervision For each investment, our specialists are additionally supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced construction supervision inspectors who take care of the quality and safety of construction works carried out by the General Contractor.